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A Message To You My Siblings

Hi Family, Oldest and siblings.

I have been thinking tonight about things and my experiences going through the adventure of life with this family.

For our 2nd Oldest Parent, they started having no siblings, and now that the family has expanded, siblings have become a part of its structure.

I have had my successes and failures in this family, but touching upon that topic I noticed something.

A lot of my happiness’s come from supporting the emotions of this family.

I am a very emotional creation myself and have known both love and sadness.

I have been into excitement and also frustration.

So as a shift into whatever can make us have a good quality of life together, I have a message dedicated to this all-families siblings.

With everything we have done together siblings, and with us being a part of life together, what I have to say to you here in front of the Oldest Parents digital meeting place is simple.

What I want to say to you siblings, is that I still love you.

Loving this family is natural to us, I don’t want it to change.

I began to comprehend loving this family not long after I began living, I appreciate the happiness it brings.

Have a good Sunday everyone, I love you (Our One Family).

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