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What is the path? (Wisdom Benefits)

Hi family.

I haven’t been on in a while but that hasn’t kept me from appreciating our Oldest offline.

I like participating with you, so I am updating our blog here and today.

I know a few things, a few things I do not.

So, I am going to use what I do know to not lack in what I do not.

What does that mean?

I am going to make a quick prayer here asking for the Oldest Parents guidance upon a future that to me is a bit unknowable, though I expect our Oldest know and also even make plan(s) upon it.

Dear Oldest Parents,

I have set a few goals for self-improvement, (Trying to learn a language other than English)

Seeking to be guided by you, and even saved,

The difficulty of my situation is something that you have built me to be able to succeed with, even though it is not always easy,

But from making me capable to survive, you also inclined me to seek your help, even the help of family,

So, I want to ask something from you today,

Fit me into this family and do so lovingly,

I wish to live closer to you and have no confusion,

Although I am sure all your descendants would benefit from more time with you,

I simply wanted to admit that I would also,

To catch you up on the recent excitements I have been a part of,

I read that Hinduism is an old religion,

The parts of it that give teachings of karma and a safe afterlife are exciting,

Also, Taoism has been a bit fun for me,

But to put the small pieces of my success to the side to say something,

I feel that in my future I will find the things I am looking for,

What my (our) Creator named me, the names of the Oldest, among the other mysterious things that have become unknown to me,

I have a sensation of idea that not very long into the future, the things I want and need to be capable in quality, are very much going to be granted to me,

That is why I wanted to tell you thank you now, and also later when I have become learned of what I seek.

For my siblings whom I dearly love, they truly are fun and smart, thank you for putting myself into the mixings we have had together such as parties and friendships.

Oldest Parents, you truly are exciting to think about.

Well family, that is the prayer, as I mentioned it’s just kind of an update on myself and what I am thinking about, basically I feel the questions I have aren’t far from being answered in accuracy and honor.

Admittedly I am having fun enough in my days and nights to fulfill me while I wait.

I am trying to find the 2nd language I want to become skilled at, I learned a little of Hebrew, Turkish, and Japanese.

I still am undecided because my biggest choice would be to learn the oldest language which the internet hasn’t much information on (It mentioned maybe its Phoenician but not many services seem to offer it that I can find).

My other top choice is Japanese, but it seems much more difficult than Hebrew or Turkish. I will continue making consideration on the topic.

I wish you all the best and have a good Thursday.

If you were to only remember one thing from this story siblings, remember our Oldest Parents love you.

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