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The Oldest Parents Commandments (ACLJ Matching Donation)

Hi family, I am posting on our blog today to be supportive of our LORD and Oldest Parents rules in this family filled kingdom.

If you have read the bible, tanakh or possibly another religions book of authority, it is possible you have been gifted a few rules from the Oldest Parents to support everyone who is living together to be blessed and have freedom.

Now what I am wanting to share with you today is touching upon freedom, not to take it away, but to protect it.

I was contacted by the ACLJ who is a Christian legal team that is protesting abortion of humans and is making efforts to ensure that babies rights are protected, the idea being, they deserve to live.

Now how is this religious and connected to our Oldest’s rules found in book and document authorities?

Well, if you have heard of the 10 commandments, one of them is not to kill.

To skip a few steps, we will just say any and every family member deserves to live thanks to and agreed upon by our Oldest Parents.

Now I am currently at a point in my budget where today I do not have the ability to donate.

That is why I am making a request and notice here on We Love The Oldest Parents for any assistance to the ACLJ that can be had.

They are currently matching all donations which means doubling any donation you can make.

The money will be used to structure a safe future for babies, which if you believe in being reborn (Such as Hinduism) affects you directly.

As an added bonus, aside from any helpings to yourself it does, you can be doing a good deed for a cute and full of potential young life who will be starting to join our all family with the hope of making friends.

So, if any of the Oldest’s fans can make a donation, it is greatly appreciated and supported by We Love The Oldest Parents standards and emotions, I will post the details below.

Here is a picture of a part of their website giving a few details.

If this opportunity is a fit for you, I leave a note here saying, I know the Oldest Parents are proud of you for supporting their descendant’s beginning.

Click Here To Go To The ACLJ Website And Read More

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