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An Oldest Parents Raffle? (Pixil Online MMORPG)

Hi family.

Recently I have had a fun idea to do raffles for We Love The Oldest Parents in the online multiplayer video games I have been playing.

I don’t mean cash but in game tradeable items such as the rare and expensive one I just gave to a participator.

I challenged the chatting players to whoever could say “We Love The Oldest Parents” first in the chat would receive a gift.

What was that gift?

A glorious orange doggo (dog) pet.

The pet costs 100,000 gold in the game and overall it took me a few days to earn it in total.

Instead of naming the player I will just say it was a kind sibling who I have become friends with.

I hope they enjoy the new doggo companion that will follow their character around on their adventure, and to that player, thank you for supporting the Oldest.

P.S. Tha game was Pixil Online MMORPG a new phone game.
I will post a screenshot of it below if you would like to play with us, it is available for free on the google play store.

Click Here To Find It On Google Play For Free

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