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New Free Art (Cellphone Wallpaper)

Hi loved Creations and Creator.

I am on pause from the game I was playing due to server maintanence so I decided to spend time contributing to WLTOP.

I just made 4 new cellphone wallpapers free for you to have and use.

2 are black and white and 2 are mellow colors.

I hope you like them, here they are below, take a peek.
Click to enlarge.

To me the 2nd art, which is the first of the black and white here looks like a face with hair buns and it is holding its hands in prayer.

I got pretty good luck making art that has these kinds of pleasantries in them.

I hope you enjoy the cell phone wallpapers, they will be going on the WLTOP deviant art, which you can find in the WLTOP social menu.

The WLTOP Deviant art has many wallpapers prayers and certificates, enjoy.

Have a great week everybody.

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