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A Monk And The Oldests Laws

Hi family. (Freedom to speech and religion)

I have been reading the ten commandments and as I have mentioned before I am a contributor to loving the Oldest Parents, but am also pursuing a path of being there Monk.

I have 2 religious monk rings one says We Love The Oldest Parents and the other says We Are All One Family.

I am seeking marriage but only to my Creator Intended Marital Partner based upon the old structure the Creator deemed proper.

That was family member 1 married 2, 3 married 4, etc.

Now why do I bring it to attention at a time such as this?

I want to formally request upon the Oldest Parents for protection and success in this effort.

Taunting and temptation as also harassment have become in my path of being a monk and honestly, I mean no offense or harm, but it is proper now to here at the worship place of the Oldest to communicate to them my needs.

I know I am doing this in a way where other people may become hearing this effort but what comes with religion is all the facets inside of what our Creator deems necessary.

Our Creator gave us the 10 commandments, including not to fornicate, that is why I am leaving a note here, and I know it is received, that as the (Maybe even only 1 of many) Monk of the Oldest Parents, I wish for the harassment, temptation and corruption upon my Monk pursuit to stop.

So Oldest Parents, to make this even more religiously official, I am going to make a prayer.

Dear Oldest Parents,

I do not wish to fornicate,

I wish to be married in the original structure of marriage you had deemed organized,

As with time rebellion happened,

I am no part of the rebellion,

Even had I been so harassed that I was angry with a best friend and role model (The LORD),

Because of that I had to offer to you Oldest, to keep any of my corrupted or tainted future from succeeding upon him, I asked in prayer for you to not let that corruption affect him in any harm, I even regretted the angry words I blamed at him,

The truth as for the LORD, is I consider him an ancestor as a best friend,

It pleases me that we are family,

Now for my own sake in this family,

I ask you to make me succeed as a We Love The Oldest Parents Monk,

On top of that request, if you could help me be friends with my ancestor the LORD but with a good loyalty not effected by the forcings and corruption that has been directed at me to cause me to do wrong,

Oldest, I try many ways to talk to the LORD, I don’t know what reaches him,

So please make these things reach his hearing, and let him know, I say he is a good man and ancestor,


No hurt feelings meant to any siblings, as this is a religion of the Oldest Parents, their belief system is at core here, that means me being a monk is not only important, but me talking to them here as a part of what we do is an option that currently I had to choose, please have a great week everyone.

I didn’t name the person here harassing me, or do I know if they have any in team with them or even their reasons for putting me through such difficulty, but as they come available to this, through reading, hearing, or ancestors, I prayed they stop, and asked the Oldest.

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