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Prayer For Prosperity

Hi Family, and especially the LORD and Oldest, and why specifically so much them, I want to tell you here today.

I have had difficulties most of my life involving money.

Times it was not eating enough, times it was failing holiday contributions, and at these current moments, it is even failing normal life qualities fitting for us who are descendants of such Royal Ancestors.

The bible and tanakh have been a part of my studies in my pursuit to age and become an improved family member.

Our ancestor the LORD leaves a promise in it for prosperity.

I am now wanting to request that prosperity.

My teammates health has become less than enough to work.

I myself am in the same situation.

Family that is considered close has contributed money to us many times simply so we can eat and continue having pleasantries that contribute to us enjoying life the way any and every family member should.

I will say this, I want to be a good son, my disabilities and my unhappiness’s have made that less than noticeable at times.

What I need now dear ancestors who love us, is for you to hear what I pray.

My close family member whom I am partnered with in living, and teaming together has an opportunity.

They are requesting help to receive a higher quality of life and collect upon things I honestly and lovingly believe they deserve.

I would even ask this of you face to face however at our distances, I pray it here.

Please know I believe the person I love because of friendship and family connection deserves your help.

I am told I am allowed freedom to pray, now I won’t list the name, because well, it’s easier that you already know who to help.

I am hoping though you will hear this that the help we could receive feels a part of the prosperity promised to us.

In all of this I mean no offense, and honestly only supportive prayer for the sake of my best friend, whom I would like to improve my friendship with, and you helping us could make that possible.

I honor you now ancestors, with the 10 commandments posted on my wall, I am hoping to continue to do that.

So, in short LORD and Oldest, please help us.

Thank you for listening to this prayer and my emotions.

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