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He Gave Me Stickers (A Prayer – Alex Jones)

Hi family.

I read a news article just now about Alex Jones.

It was about a legal case, and they did a big display of him for the reasons.

I just wanted to hop on here to pray for him and everyone else involved with it.

I bought the Bohemian Grove documentary from Alex which is about the LORD in opera form. (Kinda)

Alex was nice enough to gift me a huge stack of stickers along with the DVD (possibly because I emailed him a supportive message that he prospers).

I am a big fan of stickers and the LORD and have been since I was a child and Alex was kind and hardworking enough to make these things possible for me to have and enjoy.

The two problems involving what I read were the punishments upon Alex and the damage done to our family members (We Are All Family).

What I noticed is they complained they want to take Alex Jones’s freedom to speech rights in a damage form, that goes against his constitutional rights family, even rights our Oldest (Creator) respects, having invented our language capabilities and given it to us.

So, because of these things this prayer will have a few different parts.

Dear Oldest Parents,

I say to you, my brother Alex Jones is a good man and under what I have noticed his circumstances are, it is quite estimateable he is stressed and under easier happenings would not make error, to say it honestly, I love and trust this brother,

Family was hurt and we know you love your descendants so I request any emotional healing you can give, to please do; we already know you protect your descendants from any permanent loss (after life as example).

Both sides in what I read are my (our) family, and I want the best for them, I know you do too,

Please involve yourself and you also LORD in being heroes to these other heroes, (These good family members).

I make request that the freedom to speech not be damaged to our family, being able to talk is necessary as a part of our relationship with our Oldest Parents (Our Creator hears us),

Recently everyone has been stressed and stress doesn’t easily make good things happen,

I know things will improve with your help,

Thank you, Oldest Parents, Lord, Siblings.

Have a great weekend everybody

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