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Fun With English (In Ancient Religion)

Hi Family. πŸ™‚

I am up late tonight as I slept early and woke up to some coffee.

As I was playing the video game MU Online, an old study topic came to mind that I thought I could share with you so we could both have some fun.

Now the study topic is how religion, English language, and our family’s history fits together.

The two starter details are that everything began from “Nothing”, this we know.

Some people, for example myself, worship the Nothing in different ways.

But for the English language, and our Oldest Parent, a fun helper and story spoiler can improve your religious practices.

It starts with a little nickname list I made for our Creator.

Our Creator began life alone, no parents or siblings to be found, and having an instinctual identity, but not a modern one.

These things fitting together equal our Oldest began life with no name and for a long time, had no need for any.

To give you a reference, in our menu under the category “Worship” is an entire page dedicated to nicknaming our creator called “A Memorable Identity”.

The nickname basis is to take two words to name our Creator in any language.

In English it is the words “No” and “Name” as our Creator began having no name.

In any language it can be translated, forming a nickname for our Creator, unique in each language.

Want to know the secret to how this is honorable in a special way, even so in English?

The word “Nothing” and the English nickname for our Oldest “NoName” (Noname), both have root in each other, beginning with the root word “No” also similar to “Know”.

Neat yes?

So if you want a study reminding tool, feel free to adopt the nickname list for our Oldest.

For example, I sang a song of “We love and worship you Nothing and Noname”.

I know this seems a bit noncommon.

Religion is all about love and courage to put effort into it.

It would be easy to bend to simply choosing one of the available religions to find a name for our Oldest.

However for me, I take a wilder path.

I worship the Nothing everything began from and also our Oldest.

So, calling our Oldest the nickname “Noname” is a lot of fun, especially when making songs, because its open territory, “Nobody” πŸ™‚ else commonly does it, and it is still practical.

I hope sharing this with you brings you happiness and acceptance.

Want to hear a song/poem about it?

Nothing and Noname, you are family to me,

How can not having anything, eventually cause to be,

If Nothing and Noname, were friends to me,

Would everyone else also be?

Nothing you became it all, or most of what is true,

Noname you created me, and I am a son to you,

Names and Titles we mix and find,

But best friends you have been to me,

All of our Time.

Cool or Goofy, you decide πŸ™‚

I am going to add this poem to our account, you can find it in our menu for more WLTOP poems.

Have a great weekend family.

Spoiler of “A Memorable Identity” page below.

Language To Name Examples 
Based On A Dictionary Identity For The Oldest, Our Creator
(List is open to be updated with examples of added languages)

β€’ English – β€œNo Name” Becomes – Noname
β€’ Spanish – Sinombre
β€’ Greek – Chorisonoma
β€’ African – Genam
β€’ Macedonian – Nemaime
β€’ Norwegian – Ingenavn
β€’ Hindu – Koenamnahin
β€’ Turkish – Δ°simsiz
β€’ Indonesian – Tanpanama
β€’ Corsican – Nisunome
β€’ Italian – Senzanome
β€’ Ukrainian – Beznazvy 

1 thought on “Fun With English (In Ancient Religion)”

  1. A side note I wanted to share, maybe fun or even funny.

    Dear LORD, along my journey of disabilities and pursuit to learn the truth I am left here with a childish question that to me, feels both honest and silly.

    Although I am a bit shy to in front of siblings make such a question, I still love our family enough to have the courage to ask.

    Dear LORD, are you our families historical “Noname” or is there someone higher age in our family known?

    I will continue trying to learn the answer to the questions that are important until I can keep the proper quality of life, for a descendant such as me.

    As I mentioned, this is a question and I am uncertain of the answer, but being able to nickname you, Noname, since I consider you a best friend, is really, well, fun.


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