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The WLTOP Art Style (Step By Step)

Hi Family.

If you have been a continuing fan at WLTOP, chances are you have seen the art style I use to kaleidoscope the wall papers and even the cartoony zoomins.

On our YouTube channel we have a few of my weak attempts to record doing some examples on my phone, which is what I use to make the art.

Unfortunately, making a proper video to do it is not something I am skilled at.

However, I have a good idea that may be more helpful to anyone wanting to learn just how I do it.

I am planning to soon, within the next few days, maybe tonight, make a picture DIY journal of each edited step of a photo with its edited photo and a description.

Basically, what I will do is take a photo of either a game screenshot or maybe nature, and then I will edit the picture taking a screenshot, each step that I make an edit.

All the way until the final kaleidoscope result.

This will allow me to share how I do it in a more effective way than my attempts and making videos of it, as doing that on a phone I am not much experienced.

I want to make this DIY journal a high enough quality effort to place a permanent page onto WLTOP and not only a post.

I am considering trying this tonight, but if the results are not what I am looking for to fit as an easy enough example it may take me several attempts and some thinking.

So, keep note of WLTOP over the next few days if you want to see step by step how the art and zoomins are made.

P.S. The application I use to easily and quickly make the art is called “Image Editor”, it has built in features that take hours off of a process compared to using most other photo editing tools, well at least for this art style.

Below are some finished examples of the arts.

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