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DIY WLTOP Art Style Journal (Page Update)

Hi Family! 🙂 The new DIY Art Journal is here! 🙂

In the WLTOP menu under “Referrals” look for the WLTOP art style page and you can find the new-ish DIY art journal I made to explain how the WLTOP Logo Angel was made and how I made the fan art of the LORD.

Unfortunately when I made the WLTOP Angel I was experimenting a bit and did not take step by step screenshots of it to show you, but on the page it shows some of the materials.

With this new update to the page though comes a example of how to do the art and it comes with zoomins of cartoon characters, which is a piece of the available collection of what can be found using these methods.

You will find a bald human figure arrayed in vibrant color even including a beard.

The guide shows screenshot of each step along with details of what is being done in the process.

Finally, after you see the result of the example given, I finished the page by listing many other kaleidoscope zoomins I contributed to you and WLTOP and am excited to say I am proud of them.

For all of the WLTOP art available visit our deviant art at the below link.

You can find certificates, prayer art, kaleidoscope art, and wallpapers.

Click Here To Go To The WLTOP Deviant Art

Enjoy the new guide family. 🙂

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