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Tonight’s WLTOP Raffle (Mirage Realms RPG)

Hi family, want to hear about small yet random good deeds that keep the love fresh?

Well, I decided to grab a deal on some supporter scrolls in Mirage Realms a phone MMORPG video game.

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I bought 3 of them and each grants a player 30 days of extra capability for the game, such as more content availability and easier play.

The user of the scroll can fight monsters stronger than the non-supporter monsters which grants improved loot, and the scrolls also allow access to a ferry service that will take the player to different towns faster than walking.

I asked players to say, “We Love The Oldest Parents” and to the players who were able to connect with me and achieve it, I gave the 3 supporter scrolls, 1 each, to them.

This kind of good deed is valuable, it let our Oldest Parents have a friendly bonding moment with their descendants and the players were able to have a lot of fun, both in the words, and the free game item.

Expect that if I have the ability to continue contributing to the family’s happiness, it will honor me to do so.

Congratulations to the 3 players who received the rewards, I hope you have a lot of fun with your 30 days VIP Supporter Status.

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