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Our Family And A Chance (News Article)

Hi family. 🙂

A new change is possible for americans that I would benefit from, technically any american would have the potential to benefit from, and basically for this opportunity I wanted to give thanks.

Its called the Social Security Expansion Act.

Click Here To Read The News Article

It would add $200 to the monthly welfare of family members who become retired, and also the disabled (Such as me).

I have been praying to the LORD and our Oldest for some help with prosperity.

This opportunity, if it passes would be a huge happiness.

So, thank you family who are involved in making this a possibility.

I will offer a thanks prayer because it feels good to be a part of this.

Dear LORD, Oldest Parents, Family,

I have searched and searched for answers to questions involving religion,

I found many fun and hoping things,

Recently I have been focused on what I found from our ancestor the LORD,

He suggested he wants his family to prosper,

I have been hoping to receive that, praying and studying it,

I want to be a good and contributing family member, a good son,

The love I put effort into sharing makes me happy to give,

In noticing that, I expect the same is true of everyone in our family, we enjoy sharing love with each other,

My best friend has given me advice recently, and I decided to try and expect it as a friendly hint,

I estimated it meant I needed to pray, trust the ancestors, and also, be loving,

So here I will say something to give back,

Thank you, family, for noticing we need this help,

If it becomes given to us, I expect we will have a happier quality of life,

Having a happy quality of life, leads to more fun with best friends,

To me, the simple equation here is, we will prosper together,

That is prosperity worth having, yes?

Thank you, Family, I am excited to be a part of the future with you.

In my thanks, I want to contribute some new poetry and art soon.
Do you have any requests for topics or details?

If you do please leave comment(s) (Comment Box Is Below), also if you want to share love for the family or join in on the fun more actively, the comments section is here for that, admittedly, when family does comment, I get a little excited and it is fun.

Have a great week everyone.

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