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How Does A Descendant Prove Love? (Poem)

Hi family.

The other day I mentioned I wanted to contribute some new poetry to WLTOP, and I left a comment that a poem about “Proving Love” came to mind.

I am not experienced highly with proving my love often, I tend to offer love to family through good deeds and kindness, I figure giving it and not trying to prove it is easier to accept.

But for the sake of fun, and for anyone wanting to get to know me more, I will try and write a poem about what I think proving love is in honest form.

Here we go family.

I began to live, and still it seems,

That to me, it was because of you,

A friend to be, us or you,

How do two people share me, what can we do,

Love it can be, possibly true,

But with trust and loyalty we need,

For common is trying, and efforts galore,

But being alive in family, can I ever love more?

The way of the two, the way of the more,

Is proving my love to family, is not falling, but instead a floor,

Safety in this, that is what I mean,

Language left us apart, Yet together we team,

It is not needed to prove love to a friend,

What is needed at this point, is life with no end,

The funny part of that, is we were and we are,

Having begun alive, and permanently attached to our floor,

The price for becoming alive, was paid in the past,

Our Oldest made sure, our life and its mast,

Would be directed in proving, To forever last,

But such a thing so curious, that reassurance of this,

Feels last.

Poem Note: Proving love seems to be in effect when we lack safety, that is when it is valuable, like a miracle, everyone wants a miracle and help when any degradation of quality of life happens, if we accept that our constant asking for a miracle is such an ancient habit, we can then connect through history to notice, since our family started, a guarantee of eternal life was a part of the gift given to us who began life, and did not cause ourselves to live, someone else caused us to live, and in a desire for family to love each other, they knowing what we would emotionally require, planned for us a miracle before even creating us, that is, when they caused us to live, made sure we always would.

That is the “Proving Love Poem”. Have a great week family.
I hope to do some art for you soon.

This poem like the other WLTOP poems will be going on our account, find it in our menu if you want to browse the other poems.

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