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Fan Fiction Fantasy (Fun Story)

Hi family.
(The story lasts about 5-10 minutes, but I believe you will enjoy the ending, please try this offer of fun)

I want to try and attempt to tell a story involving fantasy not based upon something that actually happened in history, just a fun put together compilation of fun morales.

Religion is very entertaining, and so are video games.

To entertain you, I will offer you a story, with a secret ending.

The idea here is to help you imagine and enjoy, with a fun attitude.

Okay here is the story.

There was a traveling friend to life.

This traveler sought wealth as a basis.

What kind of wealth?

The purest kind of wealth

That is, any wealth that could be honestly obtained

The traveler had many options

The choices made included favoritism

For this traveler had a plan

The traveler knew to obtain wealth properly

Efficiency was a wealth to obtain more wealth, but most valuable to invest in early on

So, our traveler had decided long ago to perfect efficiency

It was a mountain flowing down a breeze

Getting to the top seemed necessary

The Traveler along the way found being halfway up the mountain to be an asset in itself

Because parted in way up the mountain was effort

To improve efficiency our Traveler decided to Idle upon the halfway of the mountain, gaining tolerance

Upon studying tolerance our Traveler developed a stronger love for hope

Our Traveler’s hope was that life itself could contain happiness eternally, and with it, be shared unto all

As the breeze coming down the mountain had grown stronger compared to at the bottom

The Traveler estimated it would grow stronger at ascending,

After many years of the journey to improve themself and obtain wealth

Our Traveler learned to achieve happiness eternally for all, savings would be needed, ones that grew more than they became spent,

This took many more years to gather wealth to ensure happy life,

One of the most important savings was mystery, this was learned due to, miracles luckily finding our Traveler

The greatest of those miracles was that our Traveler was here yesterday, is here today, and that itself proved our Traveler would be here tomorrow

Because of such a thing, our Traveler could be efficient properly

This miracle that helped gather an endless future brought forth efficiency in a not limited form

Our Traveler could invest in any of the options available upon themself to be happy

Curiosity found the Traveler and asked a simple question

Can you make me happy? Curiosity asked.

The Traveler tried to make curiosity happy, and curiosity explained a gift as a thank you

Curiosity told the Traveler for more than one person to be happy, we call that family.

The Traveler decided to from that time, place investments into family such as love, hope, and happiness

Curiosity asked the Traveler, why do you give me such good gifts?

The Traveler explained, it causes both of us happiness and that is why

Then curiosity asked another question

In all of your traveling and good deed doing, how can you be sure to keep yourself individually unique

The Traveler did not at first know how to answer such a question because it was the Travelers goal to share, but then decided to consider the question deeply

The Traveler settled upon an answer and told Curiosity, to know myself seems instinctually free, being in a family and knowing myself separated individually is called balance, in all of my Travels I have found things to be balanced, so it is the same proof as being here yesterday, today, and tomorrow

The Traveler and Curiosity then traveled to the top of the mountain together as family

The morale of this fantasy story is the Traveler and Curiosity both could notice balance alone, and when balance was mixed together to be placed upon family, the story changed, each Traveler now had a friend.

Now I know that was a long story and to fully enjoy it you might want to reread it but what a fun ending yes?

Have a great week everybody.

I am going to attempt to add this fan fiction story onto our Deviant Art Journal, if I am successful you can refind the story there, (Find our Deviant Art page, in the social section of our menu).

Here is a screenshot of it on our Deviant art, on PC you will find it on the pages right side.

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