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Land Of Spirits MMORPG (Favor Return)

Hi Family.

You may be expecting this is about another raffle, but I dont yet have that planned completely, I do though expect it can happen.

This is instead to suggest a really fun new online RPG I found on the google play store and the players talked to me a bit and used the words that they “Hope the game can become popular”.

Our Oldest Parents are largely about hope and family so lets bring it here.

Look at this.

The developer offers the game for free and because of that I felt strongly urged to be supportive in sharing a good deed. That is, telling my friends, you guys šŸ™‚

The game features over 100 levels to be gained, how much exactly I dont know, I saw someone level 150, but to be noted is the great graphics, music, items, and skills, noting also that it is online based meaning you can play with your friends and form guilds.

I made a mage character, at first I wanted to go priest but that was for healing skills and it mentioned they also have debuff skills which I always have difficulty learning so I skipped to repick the mage.

Here below are some screenshots of my ingame playing. Click To Enlarge.

This far into the game it is major fun and the players are being nice to me, I will post a link to the Google Play page for Land Of Spirits MMORPG so you can give it a peek.

(As mentioned if I am capable of doing a raffle in this game in the future I expect I will, you will be able to find such raffles using the categories search menu on our site, for PC Users found on the right side of the page.)

Click Here For Land Of Spirits MMORPG And Make Friends

As our blog posts title mentioned this is honestly a return favor, someone told me the game was done largely by a single developer, and them offering such a quality retro game for free is truly heart felt.

Have a great sunday everyone.

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