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A Poem Of The Unknown (Poetry)

Hi family.

What began as Nothing, became Something, and led to our Oldest, which led to us.

But in all the searching to learn, in all the mastering to improve, and in all the makings to benefit, what stays true to our situation, is although we now know things, there is more than that, we do not know.

It sounds non practical to say our Oldest Known Parent still has untapped potential to learn new things that are yet not achieved however the truth is, our Oldest Parent did not always have the amount of quality they currently have, and that in itself is evidence there is still more to be gained.

Because of this I want to try and inspire our Oldest to continue inventing, mastering, and improving the goals that have not yet been achieved.

To properly cheerlead our Oldest into success I have decided to write a poem about the Unknown.

Emotional excitement about obtaining the unknown motivates us to put effort into achieving such things.

So here we go, my attempt to stir the emotions of our Oldest into success.

Unknown Potentials

Starting with what, a life that had what?

Surrounded by something, can it possibly give?

Any way to pleasant, feeling and desire,

Crafting because of naught, a lesson had been got,

That potential is most valuable, beyond such even malleable,

What secret do we each hide, given a smile of such pride,

That each of us wants the same, to live and not blame,

To find the unknown, to call potential our home,

Wandering seems lost, but it is the way to what is lost,

Finding the unknown, is a simple idea,

That both the looker and found, meet and make sound,

Such a way to connect, but what to expect?

Hope of possibility beyond failure seems to be known,

Instinctual belief that success is ensured,

As if it had already been done, some kind of blurrily seem,

So how do we know the unknown?

Risk, at its best,

With such worry as a measure, how do we know,

That we will live forever,

Trust beyond risk, and know something true,

No amount of pursuit, will make some unknown, known to me and you,

Why is that, and is it a treasure?

Not everyone or thing wants to be found or learned,

Accepting that, is the only shred of knowing it,

But in that is power, because it is truth,

That some things are hidden, expect that to be your wealth.

Okay some poetry notes here.

Our Creator still has some goals of things to achieve.
However, there is certain evidence that many large amounted new things can be achieved, and probably unmet family be found.

One of the most basic emotional integrities backed by evidence and self-esteem, is to accept that even if we do find other life, and even if we find new wealth’s, there will always be certain goals unachievable.

Such as finding Unknown family that chooses to not be found.
In saying that, I believe some unknown family can be found, and some, by us, never will.
In saying that, some wealth’s will be gained by us, and some, never will.

In all I have studied upon, suggesting the word omnipotence, would best be bestowed upon an ancestor that is as such, the Oldest Unknown Ancestor, and whom we will never know.

Estimated as, because they do not want to be known.

Accepting that or not is your choice.

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