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The New WLTOP Dictionary Page (Menu Update)

Hi family.

This is about the last two blog posts.

What started as a poem to motivate our Oldest to continue success at planned goals, wants and needs, and to solve the unknown, I read it all and it seemed possible to be a bit confusing.

I bring to WLTOP now the new and helpful “WLTOP Dictionary” page, it is in our menu as the first tab under the “WLTOP?” section.

The page will give a layout for past present and future conversations, plans, focuses, and practices of “Loving our Oldest Parents” and also for us to improve ourselves, together and individually.

It’s kind of a do it together and also do it alone guide. Having both with effort is efficient.

Currently there are 2 “Pages” to the digital dictionary.

A page defining the different groupings of Oldest Parents, and a page defining the different religious groupings of family.

Then at the end of that is a under construction place holder, check back often because I plan to make the page πŸ™‚ Awesome πŸ™‚ and add a good amount of helpful fun to it.

I want to add more to it later tonight, but I still need to spend a bit of my time finding an answer to what should be on such a page, I hope to achieve this tonight but my schizophrenia is a lame joke so I have no clue if I will succeed tonight.

Still though, there is a nice amount of current info on the page, if you’re interested, I suggest giving it a peek now and then again occasionally.

Have a great night you super awesome family. πŸ™‚ ❀

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