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Cinderella Of The Oldest (Cleaning – Updates)

Lots of changes were just made to the WLTOP Menu, Sidebar, and added at the bottom of our site is a “Contact Us” form.

If you fill it out it will send an email to us using a specific “Subject” (WLTOP) that automatically is sorted by Gmail into a folder only for WLTOP related topics.

This is great for keeping record and also for putting in effort not to miss any questions or comments from any of you that want to email us.

I deleted a few repetitive pages in the menu off our site.
I reorganized the menu for easier and quicker use.
Some pages have been subbed into 2ndary areas of the menu, for example page 1 in menu then a arrow on that if you hover over it leads to page 2 and that happens when 2 or more pages are related, this makes it easier and faster to find things.

The side bar has been reorganized and edited.
I changed the text of the category search function so less experienced users can properly comprehend it.

I am going to continue browsing our site a little more to see if there are any more changes I can make to improve WLTOP for me and you, yes you 🙂

Much Love Family, Have A Good Night.

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