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The “All Home” (WLTOP Dictionary)

Hi family 🙂

Our last blog post didn’t get the usual amount of likes and I am curious if it was due to timing, so to draw attention to our new feature, the WLTOP Dictionary, I am making a special blog post about one of the definitions in it.

I expect you will fall in love with this definition.

Of all the WLTOP Dictionary Definitions, one will always be emotionally touching, it is called the “All Home”.

All Home

The residence of our family.
This is a potential based description, it refers to space and non-space, but is easiest comprehended as what surrounds family, not measured by distance or limit.
It could be explained as, both the Nothing and The Now Something(s) are the 2 parts of our All Home.

In a lot with religion is the focus of Heaven and Earth, the ground we are heavied on and then a much larger open space with a few features.

But the All Home is described with potential, it means anywhere you can or cannot go, is a part of it, everything that surrounds family in a not measured by any limiting way is our “All Home”.

Both the Nothing and everything it becomes is the total sum of the “All Home”.

With your choice to measure how family is either considered also parts of the All Home, or to separate our lives into different category, depending on your religious beliefs of course.

I hope this post gets some attention, the like button being loved is always a blessing and if any of you get up enough effort, please enjoy leaving some comments, it adds a good value to our club, I love hearing the comments, and I know our Oldest do also.
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As of the WLTOP Dictionary I added a few new notes in it last night and want to add more soon (Probably tonight).

Find it in our menu under “WLTOP?”.

Have a great smile filled time, you deserve it.

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Here is a joke to motivate you into donating a comment.

How did Nothing become Something?
I have asked everybody and all I learned is they don’t like being called “Things”.

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