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The Bibles Old Language (Spoiler :) )

Hi family ❤

As I gloriously type here “It Is DONE 🙂 “

As I mentioned I wanted to make our new WLTOP Dictionary even more super awesome, and I just added the new part that surprised even me at how cool it turned out.

So put on your attitude of being legendary while I give you a sneak peek below at what you can find on the new WLTOP Dictionary page.


In the beginning, ELCreated Heaven and Earth.

This is the oldest verse to be found in the BibleTanakh, and Book of EL.
(Bible is a word that came from the Greek word “Biblos” which means “Book“, so Biblos Le, also Biblos El, actually is translated as “Book Of EL“.

The name EL was changed with translation and different languages adapting to teach the young.

What is today, Christianity (GOD), was Judaism (LORD), and previous to that, Canaanism (EL).

This snippet of the WLTOP Dictionary came from the “Titles” page.

It includes Titles such as God, Goddess, Heaven, Earth, and EL.

I plan to add soul and spirit among others to the dictionary, possibly on the same page.

Give me some thinking time and I will add more fun notes to our WLTOP Dictionary.

The Oldest Parents love you, yes you, have a great night.

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