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A Prayer (About My Health)

Hi family, Oldest and Siblings.

I have for so long wanted to talk to our LORD and Our Oldest Parents.

I have had so many questions, and so many times have I wanted their guidance.

I am currently considering making a request to some family members involving religion, and health.

I am a little nervous to make the request because I don’t want to offend them.

They give me such great help and improvements to my life.

As a young creation, I have learned, when a situation is too difficult for me, make prayer to the ancestors.

So here is my attempt to solve my need, and also, not offend anyone.

Dear Oldest Parents,

I need to talk to some of the family we love about a request,

I know it would largely improve my emotional health and quality of living,

The request involves freedoms,

I know our family loves me, and I them,

Please, Oldest Parents, when I do manage to get the courage to ask the request, ensure acceptance.

Freedom and rights are popular everywhere in our Oldest’s kingdom.
I am curious because I lack knowing if I will be satisfied.

Have any of you been in similar situations such as me where you want a certain freedom but lack courage to feel comfortable asking for it?

Feel free to comment below on your opinions and anything WLTOP related.

Our Family Love Us (Yes You)

Wanna hear something silly?
I had to retype, proofread, and edit this prayer and post what felt like 30 times,
Because my lack of courage and my need to make the thing as perfect as I could,
My English language skills have a lot of potential for improvement.

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