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Art Beyond Boring (Free Art)

Hiiii family 🙂

I just made 2 different pictures.

One is a colorful angular beauty, and the other is quite unordinary.

I used digital ink paint blotches and streaks to imitate a portrait of a very beautiful human.

Let me show you the free stuff. First, we have the colorful angled flower like art, next is the ink portrait, with the 3rd picture being a zoom in of the face showing very much a focus on the eyes, a facial veil, and a appearance of hair bordering the face.

Can you find all that? Click to enlarge.

I did all of this using a image editor application on my phone, all of this art began as a screenshot of a video game I was playing called Mirage Realm. (The one I did raffles on).

I hope you enjoyed the art, it will be going to our deviant art and the zoomin also to pinterest.

Have a great night family.

“Pretty” cool for digital ink huh? 🙂

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