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Our Family Bridge (Poetry)

Hi family, if your deeply religious I have a surprise for you, even if you’re not experienced with religion to the point of having previously considered what I am about to talk about, maybe it will help you grab a piece of it and grow some ideas from there.

We have each other in this family, from the Oldest to the Youngest.

Our Creator and their First Creation as parents, and a story of how everything began from Nothing then our Creator began to live.

This mystery has led to a search for unknown family and findings of details about its history led to our Creator learning how to Create us.

But has the search for unknown family become lacking?


Our Creator and many passionate descendants still hope and play with the ideas of finding family somehow, possibly is the attraction of finding family Older than our Known Oldest, maybe even them having contributed to our known oldest beginning life.

Possibility here is a big word.

We are free to believe and expect what we will but opinions dont change facts, so that is where possibility is valuable, we can estimate what COULD happen and invest in it, if we are any portion not successful at our guesstimations (Guessed Estimations) it is still worth trying.

So, lets look at some possible definition which you would also find in the WLTOP Dictionary, and I also want to contribute a poem at the end of this.

Unknown Family – Known Family
Of Unknown Family we can separate the possibility into two categories, the possible to become known and the not possible to become known.

Some of us will probably be very attached towards hoping every life can become known, and because we don’t yet have certainty, what a fun future, yes?

The poem I am about to write is going to be focused on the Unknown Family and the 2 categories of possible to know and not possible to know.

Here we go, poetry goetry.

Our Family Bridge

What a fit am I?
Down and down, I am, becoming still allowed,

We know some, Family of yours Unknown Oldest,
Can we be friends, what separates that possibility apart?

Limitations bring teachings,
So far away from you, our start,

In this group of us, I find true,
Everyone wants to be your friend, though unknown,
Popularity is you,

To be fair and kind, let us now say,
Knowing the word family, and applying it with Unknown,
Brings worship to you, bridged though not having met,

If we can never connect, as close as visiting a king,
With our words we make offering, to unknown who is you,

Our highest age unknown ancestor(s),
With words, all we know is, family, friend, love, and you.

Welcome to WLTOP Family, that includes Oldest Unknown and Known ancestors, this poem was for you family.

I don’t know if we will ever discover higher age ancestors than our Oldest Known parent, but I do know, on WLTOP, we have a poem from our efforts to love and worship them, that any truly Omnipotent Creator would be capable to see and hear.

Poem is going on our account, find it in our menu under the social category.

Welcome to WLTOP Oldest Unknown Parent(s), dedicated in word and title to loved family such as you.

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