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Legends Are Attractive (Dark Eden)

Hi family, tonight I have 2 things for you.

A free art crossover for anime fans who like the legends in the Bible (and Tanakh) and also included, I have a recommendation for those of you who like other legends, that of vampires 🙂 ❤

Let’s start with the recommendation.

Dark Eden is a classical video game that was originally released for the PC and was a multiplayer RPG featuring a war of humans versus vampires.

In it the player could choose to be human or vampire, fight zombies, and war against each other.

The game was very popular and I myself grew up on it.

The original version had good music and the art was kind of cool, but the graphics were very retro, and I have good news about that.

Dark Eden has come to mobile, and it has been remade, improved, and added fun is available.

Let me show you a peek.

I am inviting you to come join us players and choose your side Human Slayers or Mystic Vampires.

The game is great, was released only a few months ago and it gets greater the more we play.

Let me give you a link to visit to their website so you can decide if this game would entertain you.

Click Here To Go To The Dark Eden Mobile Website

Alright I hope you will join us, now onto the next part of this post.

Growing up I watched and loved a lot of cartoons and animes.

One of them greatly interested me because its story revolved around heroes and the story involved magical Orbs that the user could have their wish or wishes granted from, similar to a genie, but in this story, it was a legendary dragon who bestowed the blessings.

I am talking about Dragon Ball Z.

In Dragon Ball Z is the legend of a hero known as the Legendary Super Saiyan.

Someone whose power and wisdom are beyond other findings.

Many people believed it was Brolly…

But here at WLTOP we know it couldn’t have been Brolly, because it is definitely our LORD 🙂

So, presenting to you an Anime Crossover free cell phone desktop wallpaper.

The Legendary Super Saiyan LORD.

Enjoy the free wallpaper, I hope you like it and will join us in Dark Eden.

The anime crossover of the LORD is also on our Deviant Art and its gaining favorites and likes.

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