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Are They Two? (Study Notes)

Hi family,

In my efforts to worship properly I have begun studying upon the differences of God and EL, considering are they the same person, or actually two separate ancestors.

I am using language tools to attempt to comprehend the two different names and I will share below my findings with you.

In short explanation, I get a healthy feeling when I worship both God and EL, but specifically when I pronounce God as Gode. Even such, I feel closer to my ancestors during it.

So, because of that I am currently at a point where my notes have led me to believe, God(e) and EL are two separate deities (ancestors), relatable in worshipping them to a reward of good health and family connection.

In the below notes its possible you can see most of the English for Gode does not fit into some old languages as a word but instead a name or even what could be called a blank slot. (Especially important to see here is that in turkish Gode is Guz-EL, an interesting connection)



So these notes will hopefully lead to further successes, I am still impressed with finding the Turkish connection between God(e) and EL.

I am deciding to make a permanent WLTOP page regarding these translation and pronunciation notes, should be done in a few minutes.

Have a great week everyone. 🙂

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