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Protect My Brother Oldest (Prayer For Alex Jones)

Hi family,

As you read this post, I want to remind you of an important focus point, we are all family, from our Oldest down to the youngest, we are one family,

During times of frustrations, we get our emotions hurt, and it all seems to be hopeless,

As I have mentioned before, I am a fan of Alex Jones, because of his admiration of the LORD and his desire to help us,

Recently things have been stressed on him and others,

A court case is applying so much debt to him that even a president could not escape the financial crisis,

Is that fair to a son of the Oldest, in the Oldests kingdom?

No family, it is not fair or honorable, it is harsh.

My loving efforts go to him and the people grumpy with him, however currently on this post I am a bit focused on helping him, as I am not involved with the whole situation, more so simply I have a prayer offering to make,

To pray for our brother Alex, and as thanks for the stickers he mailed me, I made one of the WLTOP saving certificates for him to pick up here,

WLTOP is all about family guys, we will benefit in the Oldests kingdom if we honor that,

So here I leave for Alex a prayer certificate from his brother, myself, hoping to help him through this difficulty,

There you go Alex, this is as close as free delivery as I can offer, and I will also say, you’re a good man, brother and son, the Oldest know that.

To any other family members who want to take advantage of the WLTOP saving certificate and prayer, here below it is, sign it how you want, name, nickname, title, feel free to have fun.

Also, an update on WLTOP Raffles.

I am currently playing a lot of MU Online Classic, the official one not the private servers, and I want to do some raffles with things like Jewels or maybe Zen (Gold Coins) or even other items, however it’s going to be a while before my character is high enough level and has the funds to do it, it seems possible late this month or next month I can afford to do a WLTOP Raffle in MU Online on the Jotunheim server.

The raffles I do in video games are usually the same, first person or persons to say “We Love The Oldest Parents” in chat gets the free gifts, depending on how many gifts I have determines how many players have a chance,

So, you are invited to play MU Online with us, link below

Click Here For MU Online (I Am On Jotunheim)

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