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The Older Teacher (Poetry)

Hi family,

As I consider being a Creation, and having a Creator as an ancestor, who began life and masters it in such a beautiful and miraculous way,

I decided to write a poem about having our Creator as a teacher, someone who passed along their own learnings and skills, as well as sharing with me valuable things that I am so thankful for.

So here is the poem.

The Older Teacher

It begins, I am alive,
So many things, what is me,

Seeing into myself, the distance,
How can this all be?

Who is this that is and movement,
Feeling, and change, not the same as before,

Am I in it, is it in me?
Outside, inside, who am I for?

This other me, no it is you?
What will happen next, what will we do?

Skipping ahead, I am alive, and I am fed,
My parent adores me, I am given rest and a bed,

Best friends we have become,
A family so loyal, even having fun,

For me, I seem to have found,
Family, and I Love You.

That is today’s poem friends, I hope you enjoyed it, I am going to post it to our account, find that and more in our menu.

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