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Attempting OOP:TOFS (Update?)

Hi family, if you didn’t see the last post about stats, I suggest you give that a look, it is a very good post,

So, I do want to update you on something, two parts, I am going to put on pause the MU Online raffle I was investing effort into saving for and here is why,

I am feeling a little healthier and enough that I think I can put some more effort into progressing with OOP:TOFS, what is OOP:TOFS some may be curious?

“Our Oldest Parents: The One Family Story”

A RPG MAKER MV built completely free game I started making about a year ago and wanted to finish earlier this year,

My schizophrenia and physical health blocked effort being put into it, I already have a bunch of it done and have had help from several RPG MAKER MV coders and designers,

The game has the structure to it, the coding scripts are basically acquired, the towns and maps are mostly done, and the story is nearly done, but that is only half of the time consumed to finish it,

That is because the game also has character battle classes, in battle balancing needs to be done for items, equipment, experience, skills, art, music, that and a lot of other fine tuning to make it great.

Since I am estimating I will be healthy enough to do more of the game, I will pause the MU Online progress and leave open days and times for OOP:TOFS, that is because I have one PC and can’t do both on it at the same time.

You can learn more about OOP:TOFS in the WLTOP menu, especially impressive to me was the help I got to make the heroes gain experience during combat instead of at the end of the battle, this allows for characters to level up in the middle of a battle, here are some screenshots.
(Click To Enlarge)

As I briefly noted, the game is built using the engine and tool called RPG MAKER MV, it basically makes what I do to build the game simple enough that a teenager could do it, which when I was a teenager, I was using older RPG MAKER engines to learn it.

Let me share the bio with you.

“Our Oldest Parents: The One Family Story”
Free Role-Playing Game

Four youths, two brothers, and two sisters, go on an adventure to learn more about the Creator and First Creation. They must survive violent monsters, strategically planning combat, and having the wisdom of passion to walk the paths towards the truth. They wish to save the dying world, and as so, life.

They will visit many different shrines to the world’s most popular religions, trying to take any valuable help from each that they can, in an effort to become smart enough to be true heroes, and find a fix for the destruction that is slowly eroding at peace and prosperity.

It is not completely in their minds to believe everything, instead they believe what their instincts allow, each trusting what they feel is perfect. The one belief that all four of the youths have the same, is that Everything began from Nothing, and then a life began, their Creator, whom they are desperately seeking to request help fixing death, violence, and hate.

Available Classes

Warrior, Mage, Priest, Archer, Rogue, Paladin, Druid, and Time Sage.

Religions and Shrines Featured in OOP:TOFS

(Starter) Oldest Parents

I hope for lots of inspiration in my mind for great ideas on how to make this game super fun for the player(s), it will be free as is WLTOP, and the current situation is it will be a PC compatible game, that if I find any solution as how to make it a mobile game, will release a version for that also, however currently I don’t know how to do it, so it depends on if I can learn and if the resources are compatible.

Thats all I know for now guys, hoping to not make people wait too long for the game.

Here is how the game is currently being popularized on Game Jolt one of the main websites that will help family find the game.

For those of you who want to learn more about it or be notified when its released, the link is below.

Click Here To View OOP:TOFS On Game Jolt

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