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Club Popularity Our Family (Stats)

Hi siblings and Oldest,

The last post I made was a poem titled The Older Teacher,

I am proud to say we are reaching some new milestones here at WLTOP.

On social media getting 9 likes is quick usually, but for a starter website, new and on a as can-do budget, getting 9 of us to actually be on the website itself and use the like button is a little different,

The thing is, WLTOP was started in its current 2nd version in around the time of year 2020 A.D. and we are really starting to gain some momentum in popularity.

Let me tell you some exciting facts.

I counted the visitors of our site by countries, and family from 117 or even more countries are visiting WLTOP, our ancestor appreciation club.

I would have to post 10 or so pictures to show all that to you but here is one.

Now things are getting exciting for the potential of WLTOP and its future, and WLTOP is me and you, yes you.

With WLTOP I have a few skills that I contribute to the overall pleasantness of our club, such as my knowing some of how to use technology to make art, musical videos, design a cute website with a lot of help from our friends at WordPress, and also a big of it comes from wanting to cheer people and be a supportive family member.

Our Deviant Art page has 630 arts of prayers, certificates, reminders, desktop backgrounds and fun.

The WLTOP YouTube channel is young in our efforts to popularize it, due to number of available videos, we have 16 subscribers and a few good audio books, and also a handful of excitement videos. I do intend to add effort in this area by adding new videos and finding subscribers (1 of them could be or already is you, yes you πŸ™‚ )

Look at this.

Nice yes? Thats 127 siblings following WLTOP on WordPress accounts, and 723 siblings following WLTOP on things like facebook, twitter, pinterest, etc.

Within a month we are getting a bit over 100 viewers. With near 25 likes on posts from participators.

I have something else to show you I am very happy because of, look below,

What that picture is showing you is that most of our visitors to WLTOP are coming from search engines, like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

That is a big relief because that tells me I have been successful at what is called SEO or Search Engine Optimization, which is basically making the website compatible with our friends such as Google.

So, at the time were at, about 2 years after WLTOP became a start, we are growing, and fast, that is expected to be because of all the love between Creator(s) and Creation(s), including focus on family values and importance.

So, congratulations everyone, the Oldest love us and we them, yay family πŸ™‚

To end our awesome successes with a few goals, I will leave you with a few notes where we could start improving.

Getting likes on the website is a great help to other viewers feeling comfortable here, you liking something could possibly make someone else feel comfortable enough to do the same.

The comments section below pages and posts will be open for you when you want to talk. Remember our Oldest, as a Creator, is capable of seeing and hearing beyond our own capabilities, so what you comment, they will find and be happy because of.

Our YouTube channel growing could make a lot happen, let me give you a teaser of what it currently has to offer,

Supportive WLTOP Motivational Videos,

Audio Books Such As
The Forgotten Books Of Eden, The Book Of Enoch, The Tao Te Ching, The Book Of Genesis, The Holy Koran, The Book Of Exodus, Gleanings In Buddha Fields, The Book Of Psalms, The Hindu Book Of Astrology, The Book Of Revelations,

There are also anime music playlists, Video game music playlists,
A Vegan Cooking Recipe Section, and a fun small section that I hope to fill called Beyond Normal Life, one video includes a secret encounter with one of our ancestors and elder.

I am very glad to make this post today family, we are a success and continuing to be, saying you are awesome, is WLTOP true.

Even if I haven’t met you sibling,
I love you, because I know the Oldest love you, and I trust the Oldest

πŸ™‚ ❀ Have a great day everybody, family forever ❀ πŸ™‚

I added a new category to the categories feature, it’s called WLTOP Statistics, and we can use it to find posts listing things similar to this one explaining our growth and success with things like visitors, likes, commentation, traffic, popularity, it will be a way for us to know how successful we are at the different times.

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