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Menu Change (Update)

Hi family,

Something that started as a personal experiment that I searched for loosely over some years may be coming to WLTOP in great form,

I have long been a fan of RPG video games, especially multiplayer,

I love fantasy, magic, dragons, and wild adventure,

Because of my experience playing with such things, I wanted to find a character sheet planner that was glorious as I could find and had no difficulties or errors.

In previous WLTOP efforts I tried a few and each didn’t totally yet fit, tonight I think I found the first one that I had no problems with.

So due to this finding I may possibly be bringing the Dungeons and Dragons Beyond Character Sheet Builder to the video games area of WLTOP which recently only had OOP: TOFS in it, but now as an update to the menu we have “Family Play” which includes a under construction area for the new fantasy character building tool and OOP:TOFS together in one section.

I tried doing this for WLTOP before and this time I am feeling a bit more comfortable for success.

This is pretty great because games and playing brings family together for fun and happiness.

The tool basically lets you design a hero that you would like to role play as, you are given pages of options where you fill in the blanks and select options which eventually come together as something similar to a paper profile which you can use in the app or export as a PDF which can be printed.

The character you build can be used to play dungeons and dragons and it is a lot of fun to design who you want to become.

I don’t have any focused ideas on what to add to this new menu other than the DND Beyond tool and OOP: TOFS but I am very happy we now have such a place for game entertainment to fit into an area of WLTOP.

I am expecting that our Creator played many games alone and it seems to be such a miracle that now we can play games together, and here at WLTOP it’s exciting to include such a thing.

I just got the app tonight and I am studying it and learning it, and yes even playing with it, after I finish using it to what is needed, I will update the new under construction page with links to get it and also examples using the character I will make.

Have a great night family.
(Oldest The Games You Invented The Basics Of Are Fun)

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