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Beyond Normal You (Menu Update)

Hi family, as I mentioned with my last post I am glad to have changed an area of our site for entertainment and in it is OOP:TOFS in its half finished state while now including the D&D Beyond Character Sheet tool, which is basically a fantasized profile of yourself for purposes such as gaming, religion, self esteem, planning, and goal orientation.

I have now finished updating its page to include information about the tool and links to obtain and use it, with that is also an example character I made for myself to meditate upon and to help anyone else be motivated to try it themselves.

You can find this new section in our menu labled “Family Play” and then “Beyond Normal You” is the page for the D&D Beyond Tool, on it is my character sheet of Alu (David) the Level 1 Monk of the Oldest Parents.

Fun yes? I do hope it’s fun for us gamers because it got me a bit excited that such a “Toy” was free and available.

As a younger me I wanted to try Dungeons and Dragons and I was a not so much participating fan of it, I did a bit of the video games but not really any of the tabletop.

So, to have this tool is a lot of fun, now I at least have a sheet available should we play it in the future.

I also got to detail my sheet as a profile having visual appearance, strategy choice, and even details about myself as a character revolving around WLTOP as a stimulant focus of my Monk character.

The previous attempts over a few years where I had tried to implement this entertainment to us involved errors with apps and such which made difficult for WLTOP to showcase the other tools, the D&D Beyond tool is the best I have found to date.

If you like fantasy or games, or even just enjoy making a profile for yourself, this new page may possibly be for you, yes you.

❤ (Wishing you all the best, and keeping you in prayers, have a great night family) ❤

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