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Blessed Adventure Treasure (Poetry)

Hello family,

WLTOP is all about choices, options, facts and their fictions, truths, and mostly loves.

A part of that is religious ancestors, and also beliefs.

Are some of them true, are some of them morality?

Well, the fun part of family, is we decide individually, and if brave enough together.

Recently I have had a fun time with translating God from other languages into English to find connections that give a lot of evidence that it would actually be God(e).

This comes from Turkish roots and possibly other languages have evidence connecting this possibility to English but largely the proof is the relationship to El.
(If you would like to know more about why God would be written as God(e) go to the WLTOP menu under Worship is the God(e) and El page showing the evidence to support the translation)

While hints and stories explain El and God(e) to actually be the same person with multiple descriptions, I admit that in my emotions, at this time, I am fascinated with the possibility of them being two different ancestors.

So, I have decided to write about this, these two ancestor deities, in poem form, for our entertainment.

The poem is called “Blessed Adventure Treasure”.

Blessed Adventure Treasure
(A Poem Of God(e) and El)

Black in this place,
White in our space,

Gold is blended,
and Silver is mended,

But what of me, and I?
That is commended,

To be even for me,
Such is trended,

That in this dungeon of family,
We tended,

To search and to find,
Treasures our mine,

For us to share,
With each we care,

Of parents so true,
For me and for you,

What can we be,
Together you and me,

In all this trace, brought to our face,
Finding amnesia could not stop,

Family has still got,
Freely found and bought,

To worship in you,
Such light and so blue,

Unique we are alone,
But together and bone,

A new thing we are,
Searching old near and far,

What we have found,
Is written to be sound,

Do we notice a rhyme?
Not near such as mine,

Today God(e) and El,
Treasure, thee, me, thine

This poem was especially fun to write to you family as I love jewelry boxes and treasure chests and collectibles, 🙂 I am actually fond of collecting fun stuff as a hobby and this poem seems to shine with that admittance.

While the poem was about learning about God(e) and El during my Oldest Parents search and adventure it does explain some of the general emotions we feel as a family in our pursuits to befriend ancestors, worship, and be blessed.

I hope you enjoyed it; the poem will be added to our account which you can find in the menu.

Have a great day family

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