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She Has Friends (A Prayer – For A Queen)

Hi family, I heard about the Queen of the United Kingdom a few days ago and I wanted to offer some WLTOP support for such a person who really had a good attitude in the times that I have heard of or seen her.

We here focus a lot on loving ancestors, and our friend the Queen did a good job at being one, having been a parent herself to princely descent, and wow that is impressive, we here at WLTOP try to remind the siblings that we as descendants of the Oldest are a type of prince and or princess.

Saying good things about her can be done but what any family member would want to do here is share WLTOP efforts with her.

As she is, and as we are, in different situations, we can try to put in a bit of extra effort and support, because it’s believed if she were at WLTOP with us, she would be joining in the parts of what we do.

So, because this happened, and because we as family, love family, WLTOP can offer a prayer for a truly good person and best friend in attitude to WLTOP related topics, our sibling the Queen.

Dear Oldest Parents,

The family member we are praying for has been kind and gentle, amongst loving such a large amount of family, very much often,

In the times I noticed any of her moments, I was impressed not only with her happiness and hopeful emotions I received from witnessing her activities, but it can also be said, I am impressed with how successful she was as a parent,

You Oldest are the first parents, and our Queen truly learned your good qualities and put them into practice and use,

Because of all the good she has done for family, and our future together,

We say to you Oldest Parents, thank you for having Created such a good sibling,

We wish her descendants the best.

I know our Oldest are proud of the work she did, I myself having been impressed by the few times I heard of her, I am sure the much larger number of good deeds I do not know of are impressive, and our Oldest see and hear all good deeds.

❤ Have a good day family ❤

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