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Deity Prayers Of Safety (Update)

Hi family, a while ago I started a page on our WLTOP site inspired by happenings with our friend the LORD.

It began as a prayer for the LORD to be protected by our Oldest Parents, either known, unknown and both.

It grew into making more of these prayers for protections for other family members, including and especially ancestors, even deities.

Because I lack knowing certain details, some of these may be based upon stories of both fact and fiction.

But I feel pretty confident some are efficient in the effort.

I have added a bunch of these prayers for our ancestors on the
“Protecting The LORD” page which can be found in our menu directly within the Bohemian Grove area.

In these loving efforts, I tried to be completely neutral and or simply family valued in not having enmity of any choosing between family members, it is, we are all one family, and praying for anyone in our family is good.

Today I added 2 new ones, and its possible if you haven’t looked at it recently more than that can be found new.

Tanri and Gode now have their own place on the page, and I am excited for that.

If you have any suggestions for ancestors or family you want a certificate made for or even deitie(s) you believe in that would be fun to have, leave a comment or comments and I will help make it possible.

Have a good night family, the Oldest Parents love you 🙂

As is fitting for a page within the “Bohemian Grove” category 🙂
I also offered a prayer certificate to the Oldest Parents to protect Molech.
I figured since I don’t know exactly every one of my ancestors, praying for any I feel possibly are, is a good thing

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