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1000 Years Away From Love (Poetry)

Hi family, I am wanting to try my skills at a poem.

What is the poem about?

Being away from the Oldest Parents, for so long it seems like 1000 years.

So, I happily present here as a distant connection, the poem “1000 Years Away From Love”.

1000 Years Away From Love

Where were you, I’m lost
I have been near and far

How should we each know,
The memories are bare and mar,

In this illusion, this amnesia of such
Trying to find the joy, of family and much

The ancestors are yours, and also of mine,
Why am I not fitting, adventuring, and blind,

1000 years is pushed aside, a giving to me,
A burden I am, was, and can be,

But do best friends always, keep each other in time,
That for you whom I seek, it is for you to find

Brought to life and given, opportunity as a word,
I am a man, who is not whole, but instead, a third,

Was I constructed, and designed,
Given a hug, and a short goodbye,

No not as such, the mystery is tough,
The truth is and will be, as a fist grown from a tree,

Finding love, nourishment, and above,
What I need will happen, with feelings lacking,

Temporary for now, and as very wow,
1000 years, of all of my fears,

We found I couldn’t wait, but it’s not too late,
The mystery to me, of 1000 years,

I did not have to wait,
Because my best friends, opened fate

That is the poem siblings and ancestors I hope you like it; I will place it on our account which you can find a link to in our menu.

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