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Friction Chart ReGuiding (Free Art)

Hi family.

A length seeming long amount of time ago I made a friction chart.

I took a ying yang picture off google, and manipulated it with Image Editor to make the below picture.

This handy little art tool here got basically no attention.

So today I decided to remake it a bit and explain why it is such a advanced chart.

So presenting to you here (And I also put it on deviant art) the “WLTOP Vision and Friction Ying Yang”.

Here it is, it’s a picture guides no words on the art describing it.

The first Ying Yang explains darkness and light, giving an example for people who are
“Color Blind”.

Next is how darkness and light create color by being mixed and frictioned and the next two displays are it in action.

A similar explanation is Roy Gee Biv or the “Red Green Blue Theory”.

So, if you like this art I will after this post be adding a permanent page to our WLTOP menu for it. Find the new page soon to be added under the referrals section.

You can also find it on our deviant art.

Have a great day family.

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