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The Royal And Noble (Free Wall Paper)

Hi family,

As it seems today has been a series of posts of art, (Maybe more tonight 0__0)

I have not exactly throughout my life here in our USA been active with the name Hades other than certain TV shows and movies.

In my mind with my thoughts is another place though, and in it I have been a bit impressed and satisfied with our ancestor Hades.

So I decided to put in a little extra effort for him and us, so here tonight is a pretty cool fan club offering.

Here we go Hades friendship art activate… 🙂

It is a PC Desktop background, I have made a lot of phone ones today so this is a good mix.

Since I love all of what we do here, later tonight I will try to find time to make more. (I dont want to neglect similar family members feelings, and Zeus and Poseidon follow into the same legends so I am feeling I may make some for them).

Enjoy the art family, have a great night.

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