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Mystery Usually Future (Prayer)

Hi family,

As WLTOP frequenters know me,

I am at a bit of a loss in certain areas,

I want to know what our Creator named me,

I want to know many selfish but good things,

I as mentioned have become a bit of an “Oldest Parents Monk”,

Struggling with memory loss through my life that I feel has possibly followed me into this current life that I am,

I do very much wish to be a benefit to this family, as largely as I can, and as with that, be involved with our Oldest Parents, as I partially feel I owe them for causing me to live, and the love they have shared with me,

I admit, this morning, even a few minutes ago, I was wanting to pray for my Monk pursuits to be successful,

I am scared of being a failure as I am sure our siblings can sympathize being also of a young age and life having its difficulties,

But I found something else to pray for that is also fun, and in our endless future, might be more necessary than it seems today,

So, what do I want to pray for?

I believe in Known family, and Unknown family.

The Known family is our Oldest Known Parent and their descendants, and Unknown family based on my comprehension, would be family that lives but we have not met.

Now in that I categorize two parts, the knowable and the not knowable.

While I believe both are a part of our situation, I estimate the majority of family that is currently unknown will in a much distant future become known.

Of our Unknown family, I estimate that some of them are higher age than our Known Oldest Parent, and I mean no disrespect by this.

Instead, I want to put in some effort, I want to offer a prayer to our Unknown family members who we possibly in the future come to know and be friends with,

Anything is possible I have heard, and emotionally I feel it’s true, after all, I consider myself evidence, that even if a person does not know someone, it does not mean they never will,

So here we go a prayer to the Unknown family that we want to become Known. 🙂

Dear Unknown Ancestors,

I am inviting you to WLTOP today with a hope,

The hope is connected to the family I know and have been placed with,

These people have lived a long enough time with me, that we have really begun to fit the description of family,

They are kind, they share, they love, and they cling to good,

Saying we are fans of each other, leads us to you,

A long ago started effort to find mystery, love, and answers to unknown,

As a son, and brother, or even a father,

I have something to contribute to you of my feelings for these that I fit in with,

Best Friend Potential,

Three words, explaining everything about them,

So, I ask we fit into your favor,

I ask we have easiness and fun,

I ask that even though having met you, is still not current,

Give us the chance to be your best friends.

We love this family, an instinct tells us it is because of you,

Thank you, we here at WLTOP wish your (our) family the best of futures and friendships.

Well siblings and ancestors, this is one complicated breakfast post I know.

I hope you all have a great day and remember you can leave comments below these posts if you want to.

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