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Pure Potential You

Hi family, ❤

Here at We Love The Oldest Parents worship is fun, love is what we do, options are what we have, and on the side of majority of it, inspired by Christian churches, I fashioned you (and even me) a gift,

For those of you who are long time WLTOP frequenters,

This is a reoccurring repost,

After long gaps in time, I repost the “Oldest Parent Be My Savior” certificate,

I do this for new visitors,

In the case anyone will actually use it, it would be a sad thing to neglect offering it to the success of even a single person who wants it.

In biblical stories, we find the love of ancestors, and the attempts of descendants to fit into their family,

A lot of the people I have been friends with over the years, have had a comfortable attitude that church is enough,

Church is a great thing, and so is our family, but we can also use what we have learned from it, and put in some effort ourselves,

I myself grew up amongst Christianity and Judaism mixed together, as with most of us around here, other things included,

But considering that our Creator himself, believed a larger family was possible, us becoming a part of it as evidence, we can notice how our chance to do something good with what we learned from church can be improved by participation in ancestry,

In a lot of the times, we consider how to have the best future, and visit a church, temple, shrine, or any religious help, we usually seek the same thing,

Ancestors, their names, and friendship,

If we can admit that surprise is something our whole family experiences, then reliability is a very important valuable to have.

So, to give us reliability, one of the things our Creator did was invent both words and names.

Embarrassed though I am by my lack of knowing certain religious answers, I find hope in something inherited in our family,

The ability to worship and pray by words,

Because even though I do not currently know for certain which of our religions is most accurate, I find all the necessary ways to succeed even lacking in the ways I am,

Inspired by stories of heroes and saviors, noticing my own needs and wants to be a good person, I sought help in the form of picking a role model who fit what I needed to be a good son,

Constantly searching for our families Oldest, I had many fun learnings about emotions, morals, and teachings,

However, in every pursuit I made to feel successful,

I found myself to be lacking the firm success that I would call enough progress,

I felt hopeful but not surety,

Recently, by this certificate below I now feel sure I have done enough to fit the requirement of religions, I even had it printed and displayed to my wall as a religion aid,

Because the certificate has made me feel comfortable in efforts, as if I fit properly, I shared it here on WLTOP for everyone who sees it, to at least read it, and in doing so, by that, use it,

Here is in this repost, the “Oldest Parent Be My Savior” certificate, it is yours, if you lack printing, even reading it is a way to connect this request to our ancestor the Creator, because our Creator hears, yes?

That is two different sizes one is wider than the other.

I happily apologize this post was major long, I wanted to quickly get to reposting the certificates for any new viewers, but it also felt nice to share a little of the emotions I have that you possibly sympathize with.

I will try to only repost this certificate on a felt as needed basis, it is also available in our menu, but the hope I can assist even a single person more by reposting it, gives me the strength to add it into our WLTOP activities.

I hope you all have a great week, the Oldest love you so much that you are their joy, and I know that, because family is the only thing, that could fill the lack in being alone.

The proof we are good at it, is in each and every new family member added, that happening, in itself, tells us we are a success.

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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