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The Studying Apprentice (Free Art)

Hi family,

Had a good night tonight, even got to go for a cigarette,

Because I was happy,

I made my ancestor a quick art based upon a game I play,

The game is called Immortal Taoists it is for phone and it is very popular,

If you have played it or lookup screenshots of it,

You know what the characters look like,

I took a screenshot of my character Daos Taolar and manipulated it to my personality,

I am bringing it to you for entertainment and use,

Here is a free kaleidoscope with the studying apprentice,

I took young Daos Taolar’s avatar and made multiple versions of him in different personalities fitting a form of a Taoist who is practicing self-improvement helped by his role model.

In the picture if you zoom in you will see him in multiple poses, shapes, sizes and angles.

I hope you enjoyed the art and as a fun part, the game is free for you to play. link below.

Click Here To Find Immortal Taoists On Google Play

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