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Gode Or God (Update)

Hiiiii everybody 🙂

I am having a good day and even found a very nice new thing to add to the “Gode and El” page in our menu.

On the page it had explanations of why the English translation God should actually be Gode.

The evidence that was there gave notice that El was the ancient named creator of Heaven and Earth.

If you translate God into Turkish as one example, it becomes “Tanri” but if you translate Gode it becomes “Guz-El”.

That connection opens up language possibilities that could link Gode to being the proper translation but not God.

Now as for today I added new evidence.

יהוה is the Hebrew that was translated into the English “God” however the first alphabet character of that is “Yodh” which shares the same sound as “Gode” giving further proof to the theory.

You can find the updates on the Gode and El page in our menu.

Have a great week sibs and ancs ❤

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