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Thank You Maker (Poetry)

Hi family šŸ™‚

I haven’t done much on WLTOP recently, so I decided to hop on now and try to entertain.

What I have decided to offer with this post, is a thank you poem.

The true robin hood of stories that we hear of symbolizes the intent of our best friend and parent, our Oldest Known ancestor.

Being rich in purity, having all the Nothing that became a Something as a home, full of possibilities and unlimited future, our ancestor reached a leaning point, loneliness.

But was that actually only sad, or possibly mixed in with curiosity if family could achieve more than only him self.

I have seen so many miracles and our family and home is full of everything making me believe the story has only a small filling of its pages to a never-ending story.

If two things can be mixed together, now we have three.

Hold onto the truth that new good things will happen, trust in a lucky hope.

Because I was invited to join this family, by such an ancestor who has directly and non-directly allowed for me to build layers upon layers of love that excite me to be friends in family, I want to make a thank you poem to him. I believe in potential, and I inherited it, my favorite gift.

Thank You Maker

Making me, Wow I am here,
Who are you, Wow you are near,

How far away was I, You mutely ask,
Near to your future, Ours now not past,

Desperately seeking, Away from the end,
You have not forgotten, Potential the bend,

Answers from me you seek, Language you give,
Happy to help, Now that I live,

I came in time, I came in place,
Pushed away from center, Drawn to your space,

All things mixed together, That made me myself,
Was the proper formula, Combining our wealth,

How eternal is life? Why even ask?
You should already know, Ending is not task,

You are destined to excel, Become quality of potential,
What will you use it for, Family, You, Essential,

Entertainers are we, To who but ourself,
Entertaining each other, Part of our wealth,

If there ever was a thought, That sparked possibility of life,
It was for best friends to share, A doubling of one life,

Why would a maker give birth to a life, Then let it make other life,
One gift of life shared, becoming friendly paired,

Now there is two, me and yes other me too,
Together family grew, We answer the question you seek

Humbly begin one life, and watch it become two.

Thank you, ancestors and family, once again for adding me to this family, totally excited to be on the team and have a future.

The poem will be going onto our account.

ā¤ Have a great night family ā¤

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