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Dear Oldest Parents (Poetry and Prayer)

Hi Sibs and Ancs 🙂

Aside from updating the Protecting The Lord prayer certificate page of the menu, I decided to do something in our blog section.

As you probably know, We Love The Oldest Parents is completely family focused with a attachment to religious value.

Our idea is, believing in a Creator(s) is connected to ancestry and even using the words Oldest Parents we can accurately describe true religion, no matter a situation of differences of names.

It brings siblings of different religions together, here at WLTOP, over 100 countries and counting.

So tonight I am going to write a prayer first and then try to entertain you with a poem.

Here is the prayer,

Dear Oldest Parents,

Us descendants sometimes notice being created from a desire to end loneliness is intermixed with a fix for boredom,

You have proven that to us so many times by all of the fun entertainment your home and the lives you have given us prove,

From books to houses your kingdom has it all, including us.

I am sending you this prayer to remind our family of a few things,

Good luck is a part of what we are and do,

It is such a pleasant attitude in the story that began your life Oldest Known Parent, having had so miraculous and seeming new of a chance to begin life and later begin ours,

I have spent my life here with Siblings,

What I have noticed, is no matter how much fun we have in our times, love is super natural,

The young and old of us do the same, worship you, and do good deeds for each other.

Friendship is the most valuable thing you have “Souled” us, and you offered it for free,

So with this prayer, all I am going to finish it with, is that your descendants are loyal to being your friends, that is the sum of everything I have found.

Here is the poem everyone, I am going to title it The Loyalty Of Love.

The Loyalty Of Love

What is Loyal, is it Royal?
Truly found, and loving spoil,

He had it all, to split it apart,
Our dearest parent, sharing the heart,

A smile done for now, Is tomorrows prince,
Leaving footsteps in kingdom, even hinted as prints,

The family of friendship, love as a coil,
What we are is excitement, passion at boil,

With space as a home, so many fit,
Even more are, added bit by bit,

What is important, for the future we built,
Is to keep friendship, alive not in wilt,

Loyalty alone is not so easy, But loyalty to family,
Keeps life loving and busy.

Did you like to prayer and poem guys?

❤ Well I hope you did, have a great night family. ❤

If you frequent WLTOP a lot I do mention friendship many times, especially involving the oldest, I do this as if I am a cheerleader, the thing here is, if we are going to be repetitive at anything, which is kind of inevitable, reminding family that they (and we) are best friends is one of the highest quality things we can focus on. Enjoy.

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