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The New Torchlight Infinite (Video Game Suggestion)

Hi Sibs and Ancs šŸ™‚

Well, a part of what we offer here at WLTOP is not only worship, prayer, and support, but since were family, it also helps that we do a little fun of entertainment.

Torchlight is a video game series that was started in 2009 and became popular as a Diablo series competitor.

The new Torchlight Infinite free mobile game was just released for its open beta test, and the server will allow us to play in near an hour and a half.

This is a good time slot for any of us who want to play it to download and install it.

Here are some screenshots click to enlarge.

Is this enough to interest you in trying it?

Well, if you’re a gamer great, if your more here for the ancestry sort, the good news is more of that will soon be here.

For us gamers I am providing a link to the game for the google play store below, we have got a little over 1 hour before the server starts guys.

Click Here To Try Torchlight Infinite On Google Play

As far as plans for more normal WLTOP related topics, I will possibly do more art soon, and or maybe something else fun.

ā¤ The ancestors love us, have a great night family ā¤

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