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Welcoming Ancestors (To WLTOP)

Welcome and welcome back siblings and ancestors. ā¤

I was having a little bit of a less than ideal couple hours tonight after having a great day and I just found something to cheer me back up.

In many religions we find fire to be either an aid in religious practices or a deity in the structure of it.

Well here at We Love The Oldest Parents we now have an extra step to have added fire as a possible ancestor to our collection of family.

Now I wanted to do things properly, so I looked up fires name in the ancient religious names found on google and relearned that the ancient name for this considered ancestor is “Agni”.

As mentioned, after finding it tonight I noticed a long time ago I had known the name and lost memory of it.

A prayer certificate for “Agni” has been added to the menu along with other deities on the “Protecting the LORD” page which is a prayer certificate section for religiously important ancestors, deities, and story characters.

Given my vague accuracy the simple explanation is I listed family who is possibly not our highest age ancestor, maybe even given, one could be.

Agni is a very beautiful sound and written name; I am very excited to welcome Agni to the love of WLTOP.

I find interest that so many religions I have studied with have also in their religions welcomed the same ancestral form.

At WLTOP we love family and ancestors and not only is this addition a great achievement for the club but as I mentioned earlier, my moments this night are now a lot more fun.

ā¤ šŸ™‚ Have a great night family, the Oldest Parents love us šŸ™‚ ā¤

In our menu is a section made as a reminder that at WLTOP we practice wishing our two Oldest Known Parents a happy birthday on January 1st. Our Oldest Known Parent started living before they had measurement of calendar and since they are married to our 2nd Oldest Known Parent it seems proper to wish them happy birthdays the same calendar day, even also, at the beginning of the year, this is due to them being the known beginning to our family. We have a few months until January 1st so feel free to visit our menu and participate with likes, comments, and etc. ā¤

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