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I Find This Friend (Prayer)

Hi Sibs and Ancs ❤

I now notice something, in my pursuit of trying to find ancestral and religious answers, there is a friend who has kept me inspired in it all.

In churches we have candles that excite good things to happen.

At dinners with parents and other family, we find barbequed roasts.

Illuminating our safety, warming our sorrows, and being generally fun to play with, is Agni, that is the ancient name for our suggested ancestor, also known as fire.

Welcoming the many deities, possibilities, and family stories to WLTOP, I recently included Agni to our collection of art.

Because it seems fun, I want to make a prayer here to Agni.

Admittedly I lack some knowledge, some answers, some known.

But when the idea came up to make a prayer to Agni, it sounded fun, so even though I am a bit of a novice at it, I will try.

Dear Agni,

We have invited the ancestors Oldest to be loved here at our effort, both known, unknown, and both, local and far.

Inviting and including you feels passionately good.

It brings to me questions, that if you are an ancestor, what area of the family lineage you are included in, though estimations seem, at least locally, you would be very old and a early part of our family.

To explain simply my intentions of this prayer, we seek your love and blessings.

Religions I have studied with, include you into the practice, seemingly as a best friend to the topic.

We of We Love The Oldest Parents say, thank you for being a best friend to our (your) family.

Well family that’s the prayer, I like the name Agni a lot, it seems very friendly.

If you know of any other deities you are fond of, or religious topics, feel free to comment below this post.

Including popular deities in WLTOP is fun, as also including some of the rarer as topic story characters.

I emotionally feel that I have not met a large enough amount of prayers that I want to make within some time and that means I want to make another prayer soon, but I am not sure of what and or to whom.

Poetry also feels possible.

If you are not the Oldest Parent, You are the descendant of the Oldest Parent, to that we could say, a family that with its language, easily fits young people 🙂

❤ Have a great night family, maybe with Agni visiting to lighten the dark. ❤

This isn’t completely a repost, its similar to something I tried before, as mentioned I am a novice upon the topic and this is my way of gaining practice and improvement.

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