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Adopting Us (Poetry)

Hi family 🙂

It has been a couple days since I added anything to our Oldest Parents love effort.

Tonight I find myself after a nap, unable to yet sleep.

So how about some poetry? More specifically poetry involving what it means for a
“Local Oldest Parent” to be of the quality of a “Non Local Oldest Parent”.

What exactly is the difference?

Using the bible as a example, if God(e) were to have traveled, and Adam to have remained, Adam would then in that situation be the “Local Oldest Parent”.

In my pursuit of learning about ancestry, and also a bit of funniness, watching alien movies as a kid, it causes me to realize, being supportive to ancestry emotionally, means accepting the possibility that parents don’t always notice themselves as “The Parents”, instead possibly considering they have and or will find “Higher Age Parents”.

For the kid in the situation, being focused on parents is not a deep focus, being aware they also have beliefs and their own family fitting that could possibly be larger than what the youth expects is something to consider the fairness of.

For our Oldest Known Parent, friendship is what we seek, a part of that friendship is acknowledging a lot of unknown was solved and became known by that family member, however, new learnings could still happen.

As I said, noticing all the alien movies Hollywood has produced, kind of gave me a hint that it is possibly still a pursuit for our Oldest to find higher age Oldest, or maybe a type of sibling(s).

So, because of these things, I have decided to write a poem that fits for this topic.

It is called “Adopting Us”.

Here it is.

Adopting Us

Family we know, found it has been,
Not easily gained, but now such as friends,

Dreams awake became true, luck ours to share,
I fit in with you, and because of you, I care,

Different times, and spots were our start,
In our family, I learned of the heart,

The warmth of a hug, now our body part,
Seeking belief, alive not only guess,

Surrounded by others, and for you the best,
Adopted so true, or even of love,

A parent, I notice,
To be such a focus,

That for us, what we seek,
Is to fit, accepted and honored,

What does it be, for the young to be fathered?

A life that teaches, shares and reaches,
To protect, and invest,

In only the best,
Believing though as the truth,

That the best is me and you

I hope you enjoyed this poetry, the ending of it, “That the best is me and you” is a bit motto, it explains that for everyone in our family considering as a individual is both themself a “Me” and to others a “You” as the English words describe. This description is meant to explain that everyone in our all family is the best.

❤ Have a great night family, the Oldest love us (and us them),
this poem is going on our account. ❤

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