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At My Friends Request (Art)

Hi family, first off, I got a request from a friend to do some art this weekend, I will avoid naming, but I am glad to fulfill the request. 🙂

So, for this art, I took a screenshot of the video game “Eternal Quest”.

I used my character including a bit of the gameplay with some of his menus.

I then sphered and offset the picture many times before finding a kaleidoscope style which I then adjusted the options for to result in some art with 2 zoomins.

The first zoomin is what appears to be a young owlish humanoid figure studying a book, where the other appears to be the same figure who was studying the book now exhausted and finding rest underneath its shade.

Here are the pieces of this art set below so you can see it for yourself. Well start with the material I used.

Next I will show you the kaleidoscope cell phone background.

Lastly, in case you didn’t find them, or if you want an easier to see version, here are the two zoomins.

This art is done in a certain fashion that it will definitely exercise your eyes and vision a bit to puzzle together the pieces, still though, it is clear enough to see.

Thanks for requesting the art friend, have a great night family.

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