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Halloween On WLTOP (Join Us)

Hi siblings and ancestors 🙂

This is Halloween month, and we are near the day, or dear joy should I say night ❤

I have two things already done for Halloween entertainment here at WLTOP.

For fans of the Dungeons and Dragons tabletop series I added Gzemnid to the prayer certificate list on the “Protecting The Lord” page.

Expect it as practice, possibility, or simply friendship to the unknown, it has been called fantasy, but that just means to me I am a fan.

As for the other part of what I have already got made for Halloween at WLTOP, I made a special banner art that I will add to the Halloween post.

Even though it’s going to be a Halloween holiday maybe I will do a prayer to the Oldest Parents that participants in the holiday both be safe and have a lot of fun.

So, join us on WLTOP for a Halloween post and some entertainment.

❤ Have a great weekend family ❤

Joke Night, Dungeons and Dragons Halloween Style

What is a Beholders favorite art Beyond what is seen?
Snee-Key Treasure Chests

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